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Premium YouTube Views

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  • Increases Search Engine Rankings
  • Results Start to Appear in 24-72 Hours
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Unfreeze YouTube Views

The Easiest Way to go from Zero to Hero!

buy YouTube viewsWhy Buy YouTube Views?

Great question! There are many reasons why our customers buy YouTube views from us and here’s a quick list:

  • 100% Real People: Only real people view your videos, no bots!
  • Gain Credibility: The more views you have, the more credible people perceive you to be.
  • Unfreeze Your View Count: Ever notice your view count freeze for 2-5 weeks somewhere in the 300s? That’s very common and simply needs a boost to unfreeze it. Our views will unfreeze your video’s view count within 24-48 hours!
  • Increase YouTube Search Engine Rankings: One of YouTube’s primary calculations for ranking videos in their search engine is the number of views your video has received. Increase your views helps to quickly increase your YouTube search engine rankings!
  • Increase Google Search Engine Rankings: Google owns YouTube and likes to promote YouTube videos in their search engine results. Increasing your View Count tells Google your video is popular and quickly helps to increase your Google search engine rankings!
  • Excellent Customer Service! You can always feel comfortable when placing an order with us. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service and always return messages within 24 hours or less. We want you to be happy with our services so it is our duty to make that happen!

Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason your views never get delivered, we will offer you a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. However, we ALWAYS DELIVER and you WILL GET MORE THAN YOU ORDERED!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are your Views real? Yes, our views are 100% real, from 100% real people!
  2. Will your Views unfreeze my video? If your video is frozen in the 300s, purchasing even the minimum order quantity (5,000 views) will unfreeze your video within 24-72 hours. Many members use our service on a regular basis just to quickly unfreeze their videos because waiting 2-6 weeks (in most cases) for their video to unfreeze can be very frustrating.
  3. How long does it take for my video to start gaining views? You will start seeing results within 24-72 hours. YouTube alone takes 24-72 hours to properly update their View Counts so this is the main cause for the 1-3 day duration to start seeing results.
  4. What is the minimum number of views I can order for a video? The minimum order quantity is 1,000 views per video.

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Average rating:  
 51 reviews

Amazing!! As soon as I hit pay, within a few hours views started rolling in. Thanks so much

by MikOje on Buy YouTube Views


by Umbreon stars on Buy YouTube Views
WWE 2k career mode part 1


by Tyler Ford on Buy YouTube Views
Been here many times before is your website still trust worthy ?

Why cant you email customers letting them know when views start going to the video? I still give this website a good rating but does your team try responding to customers straight away

Customer responses are usually within 24 hours, but can take up to 72 hours depending on the number of inquiries we are receiving and if it's over a weekend or holiday. Thank you.

by Jonny on Buy YouTube Views
Will purchase again

Great service delivered what they say, thanks.


BEST Ordered 1000 views with an unfreeze. Within 24 hours unfrozen from 301 and now showing 2149 and it's not been 2 days yet and it's still rising as I write this. Tremendous VALUE for $4.00 Thanks.

by Harry on Buy YouTube Views

I bought 1000 views to unfreeze my video and then 2 days later it's at 4934 views and it's still going up, I recommend that you should get this and I will be back!

by reeddey on Buy YouTube Views

Thanks I got my 1000 of views 😀

by Derek on Buy YouTube Views
Unfreeze YouTube Views

Wow! Ordered 1000 views with an unfreeze. Within 24 hours unfrozen from 301 and now showing 2149 and it's not been 2 days yet and it's still rising as I write this. Tremendous VALUE for $4.00 Thanks.

by Boombastic on Buy YouTube Views

this is amazin!!! def will be back

by Alexander on Buy YouTube Views
HOLLLYYY SH**!!!!!!! 😀

Ok sorry for the swearing ahead of time but at first I thought that this would be a shady service. So I got a few bucks and said "what the heck, might as well." 100/5. Will buy views and subs in the near future.

We censored some of your words, but we appreciate the enthusiasm and positive review. Thank you!


I ordered 1,000 views expecting more than ordered (as they say) I thought maybe double the amount of views I purchased. I received just over 10,000 views = £2.50, $4.00 which is incredible. Results do take 2-3 days to start to appear but well worth the wait and the viewers watch most of your video 80-100%


by Aimen on Buy YouTube Views

I buyed 1000 views and i getting over 3000 views!

by Paulo on Buy YouTube Views

I bought the package of 5000 views and I received the amount I ordered! Really good service, just bought the 20,000 views package now. Dontinue the good work team xD

by Norman on Buy YouTube Views
so awesome

I used my earned coins for 1000 views, what I get???
OVER 15.000, that's awesome!

Buy YouTube Views

A very good website to put videos on and also to watch them.

Works perfectly !!

A few days ago i bought 2 times a unfreeze package for 1000 views on 2 videos just to try it out.
So totalling 8 dollars.
The next day i looked on youtube my views did unfreeze like promised but whats even cooler is that i did not get 1000 views per movie but i gained like 3000 views on top of those 1000 i bought.
This is so cool and i will buy alot more from here to unfreeze my video's.

Thank you for your review! We always over deliver, so you can expect to receive more than 1,000 views each time.

by Halloall on Buy YouTube Views

I bought a thousand views for $ 4 just to see if they work. It has now been about 24 hours since I did it and I got about 10 views?? WY? like this page but would like an answer to my question

Thank you for your purchase. Views are not updated live on YouTube, so we need for them to make the update in order for the views we delivered to be reflected on the video. As a result, you usually need to wait about 24-72 hours before any results begin appearing.

by Awesome on Buy YouTube Views

This Is Awesome!!!!!!!!

But It Will Be More Cool If You Add A Free 2500 View count on a video on every 5000 coins that he/she earn.


by peter on Buy YouTube Views
Amazing People!

Really guys, this stuff is real. ive got so many views on my videos from this website. i pay for 5000 views and get like 90,000 & 100,000+ views on my video. Its really worth the money. Help this channel out by telling people about them!

Thank you for your review! We will not always over deliver to that magnitude, but we do always over deliver!

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