3 Little Secrets to Viral Videos

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Viral Videos

“Charlie bit my finger,” “Call Me, Maybe,” and, most recently, “Gangnam Style.” All these are viral videos that, at first glance, might not look anything special. Nonetheless, they became sensational hits, getting millions of views, subscribers, and uploaded thousands of times in different video-sharing and social media sites.

Just what made them all viral, and how can you replicate their success for your own videos? Today, we will reveal three secrets that can help boost your video views and, if used wisely, can be the keys to making all your upcoming videos and channel a complete success!

Secret #1: Content Is Not Everything

A viral video is not just about the content or the message. It’s also about how you present the message and who your target audience is. You can’t expect to please vegans when your video is about lamb chops. That said, you have to keep the following in mind:

  • Your video must be relevant and helpful to your target audience/customers.
  • Regardless of your topic, your video must contain some of the aspects that all popular videos have such as music, shock factor, cuteness, and the like.
  • Never forget to optimize your video title, description, and tags.
  • Always use a thumbnail that’s both interesting and a correct representation of your video’s content.

Secret #2: Be the First to Spread the Love

If you don’t love and share your video, why would others do? You have to take initiative for people to follow, so get on and start sharing that new video of yours. Here are some of the great places to do that:

  • Your website
  • Your blog
  • Other people’s blogs (via guest posting)
  • Your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.)
  • Forums
  • Emails to family, friends, and acquaintances

Secret #3: If All Else Fails, Buy Your Way to Viral Videos

This is the mother of all secrets when it comes to viral videos. You see, not every viral video got to where they are naturally. A lot of them actually bought their way to the top. Believe it or not, some top companies such as those from Hollywood actually use this method, too.

Basically, what you do here is buy views, likes, comments, and subscriptions (views are the most important). Although the method appears to be nothing but cheating, it’s a way to open the gate of opportunities for your channel and upcoming videos. By giving your video a boost, you will get the chance to be featured in YouTube’s home page and given recognition such as the most viewed video on a specific week or category. This consequently leads to people finding your videos easier, which may prompt them to subscribe to your channel and watch out for your next projects. So next time, you won’t need to use any type of boost.

Viral videos aren’t all they seem, and you certainly don’t need to spend years and thousands of bucks for your videos to continuously rack views. You just have to be smart with your marketing strategy. Consider the secrets we shared with you today, and give our YouTube services a try; it might just be the key to success waiting for you to use it.

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