301 Views: The Secret to Unfreezing Your YouTube View Count


If you’ve been using YouTube for a while now, then you have probably already encountered videos with views stuck at 301. These videos are generally of the popular kind—viral music videos, controversial issues, and the like—which got instant massive views. You can tell that the videos are getting much attention since the comments, likes, and dislikes are disproportionate compared to the 301 views their counters are showing.

Now, the problem here is that not everyone knows what the reason behind this phenomenon is. Think about it. Do you know why your or your favorite videos are stuck at 301 views?

The Secret behind the 301 Views

For so long, people have been kept in the dark why so many videos are getting stuck once their videos reach 301 views. Fortunately, this year, somebody—Brady Haran of Numberphile—have fully investigated and finally discovered how and why videos are stuck at 301.

Here’s the video Brady has come up after a thorough interview with Ted Hamilton, YouTube’s product manager for analytics:


The video reveals a number of things, but perhaps the most important ones to take note of are the following:

  • All views a video get until it reaches 300 is counted, regardless of how they are acquired.
  • After 300 views, YouTube verifies the sources and authenticity of views based on its set standard. Views aren’t counted manually, though.
  • The verification process YouTube implements produces a delay in the updating of views, consequently resulting to frozen view counters.
  • Why 301 and not, say, 100 or 200? There’s not much reason except that it’s YouTube’s designated number for its less-or-equal-to code.

Valuable Tips for Unfreezing YouTube View Counts

So, now, we come to the climax. How exactly do we make a frozen YouTube view counter start running again? Basically, you only have two options:

  • Wait for the counter to unfreeze by itself. Depending on several factors, this may take anywhere from a day to more than a week. Although it might be excruciatingly painful to wait, doing so takes barely any effort and certainly doesn’t require you to spend money.
  • Get YouTube views from View2.be. If you want to your view counter to unfreeze faster, getting YouTube views is the better option. Not only will you get out from the 301 views of doom, but your chances of getting featured on YouTube’s home page will also increase. This will further assist you in your campaign to get more views, likes, comments, subscriptions, leads, and sales. In a nutshell, getting views will help develop your business, specifically your video marketing project.

If in the past, all you can do is wonder why your videos are stuck at 301 views, now, you can make a change. Give your videos a nice boost by getting free or premium YouTube views from View2.be today!

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