5 Ways to Promote Your Channel Outside YouTube

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Gaining the top spots in YouTube in terms of subscribers and views is a tough task to accomplish. This is especially true if you have only recently launched your YouTube channel. Although climbing the YouTube popularity ladder might be hard, it is nevertheless possible. Of course, to accomplish such a feat, you will need to promote your YouTube channel and videos as much as possible. Furthermore, you have to learn of the best YouTube promotional methods and tools outside of the video-sharing site itself.

Where Should You Promote Your YouTube Videos?

So, what promotion strategies should you use to boost your YouTube videos’ views, likes, and comments?

Press Release

If you’re running a business or a non-profit organization, then you might want to create a press release and submit it to reputable PR directories. Your press release must include good information relating to your organization’s goal, recently created YouTube channel, and the topics your videos will tackle.

Articles and Guest Posts

If you create videos to offer information about specific niches, products, or services, then creating complimentary articles and guest posts and sending them to good-ranking sites will be a great choice. When you do, of course, you have to remember to always include the name of your organization and a link to your YouTube channel on your resource box or author bio.

Video Website

For beginner business owners using video marketing as a primary tool, YouTube is already more than enough. While it’s true that you will already be able to reach out to millions of people with only your YouTube channel, having a video website will further expand your reach. Even, better, your video website can serve several other purposes. You can use it as an announcement board for any changes your company might implement and as a store for any product or service you might be offering.


Having a blog where you post updates about your company and your YouTube channel is highly useful. With a blog, you won’t need to create very long posts. Quite the contrary, you can simply write one paragraph per post to describe your new videos. Having a website and blog might seem silly since both seem to have the same function. However, blogs tend to have a more sociable feel, which majority of users prefer. With a blog, you can also have another way to communicate with your video followers as blogs let users leave comments on posts.

Social Media

YouTube is getting millions of visitors every day. However, no one can deny the fact that other social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, have tens and hundreds of millions of users who log in to their accounts virtually every day, spending anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. If you want to make it big on YouTube, you have to use this knowledge to your advantage. That is to say you should link your YouTube account to your other social media account to easily keep in touch with your subscribers. Submitting your video links to bookmarking sites such as Digg and Delicious will also be beneficial.

There are plenty of ways to make sure that you get as much attention as you desire on YouTube. However, one of the best ways is to promote your videos outside YouTube itself. Give the promotion strategies we shared with you today a try, and they will surely give you your much-needed boost.

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