301 Youtube Views

301 Views: The Secret to Unfreezing Your YouTube View Count

22nd April 2015

If you’ve been using YouTube for a while now, then you have probably already encountered videos with views stuck at 301. These videos are generally of the popular kind—viral music videos, controversial issues, and the like—which got instant massive views. You can tell that the videos are getting much attention since the comments, likes, and […]

Viral Videos

3 Little Secrets to Viral Videos

20th April 2015

“Charlie bit my finger,” “Call Me, Maybe,” and, most recently, “Gangnam Style.” All these are viral videos that, at first glance, might not look anything special. Nonetheless, they became sensational hits, getting millions of views, subscribers, and uploaded thousands of times in different video-sharing and social media sites. Just what made them all viral, and […]

Getting Down and Dirty with the YouTube Video Editor

28th March 2015

To become a popular YouTuber, you will need to have awesome, inspiring, and cool videos. However, to create such videos, you will need an equally great video editor. The only problem is that most video editors today are quite pricey, the cheapest ranging from a couple hundred dollar a thousand bucks. Fortunately, YouTube has made […]

Video vs. Web Video: What You Need to Know

27th March 2015

There are a handful of things you need to consider when creating videos for YouTube. Aside from trying to produce content that you think your target customers are looking for, you also have to be sure that your video is appropriate for online viewing. Believe it or not, the most common mistake YouTube video producers […]

5 Ways to Promote Your Channel Outside YouTube

25th March 2015

Gaining the top spots in YouTube in terms of subscribers and views is a tough task to accomplish. This is especially true if you have only recently launched your YouTube channel. Although climbing the YouTube popularity ladder might be hard, it is nevertheless possible. Of course, to accomplish such a feat, you will need to […]

YouTube Video Engagement Matters

24th March 2015

When creating YouTube videos, what part or parts do you put most focus on? If it’s only the quality of your videos and the revenue you will reap that you put emphasis on, then you’re making a big mistake. Today, with YouTube being home to millions of users, you will have to face thousands of […]

How to Become a Successful Vlogger in the Shortest Possible Time

16th November 2012

With videos and video-sharing sites continuously growing in popularity, there is little doubt why people have started ditching normal blogs in favor of vlogs. Vlogs have proven time and again that personal and face-to-face interaction—almost, in this case—garners better response from audience. How can businesses and entrepreneurs not want to use them as leverage with […]

Youtube Video Scheduling

YouTube Video Scheduler

15th November 2012

Often, we view schedules as troublesome or a hassle as we think and feel that we have so many things to do despite having so little time. However, when it comes to posting videos on YouTube, schedules become a great feature to have. Why You Should Use YouTube Video Scheduler The YouTube video scheduler is […]

Popular Vlogger

Copying Popular Vloggers: How to do it The Right Way

9th November 2012

This is perhaps one hot topic in vlogging that we ought to discuss. You see, when there are new hit videos (imagine nyancat, annoying orange, and “Gangnam Style”), a lot of people become too eager to jump in to the popularity bandwagon, often stealing the popular videos and uploading them on their own channels. They […]

Youtube Invideo Programming

YouTube InVideo Programming: Out with the Old, In with the New

1st November 2012

YouTube marketing is continuously growing as a favorite strategy among marketers today. This can’t be avoided as YouTube is steadily attracting massive amounts of traffic and followers, thanks to the variety of entertaining and educational materials that can be found in it. While YouTube marketing proves to be a useful tool for boosting one’s bottom […]

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