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YouTube Comments Features:

  • Premium quality comments!
  • We write relevant, uplifting comments for you.
  • Comment delivery spread over multiple days
  • Results start appearing in 48-72 hours.
  • We Always Deliver 100% of your order!
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If your comments do not get delivered, we will give you a 100% money back guarantee. However, when you buy custom YouTube comments, we always deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do so many people buy custom YouTube comments?

People buy custom YouTube comments for many different reasons and here is a list of the most common:

  • Having more comments on your video instantly boosts your rankings inside YouTube and Google’s search engine rankings because these search engines automatically perceive your video as being more popular than others. It’s the simplest way to boost your rankings!
  • “Keyword stuff” your comments to rank higher for the main keyword you are targeting. For example, if you want to rank high for the search phrase, “uplifting music”, then put the term “uplifting music” inside your comments and these keywords being found throughout your video page will greatly enhance your YouTube and Google search engine rankings.
  • You get the freedom to talk big about your video with any comments you want! Make it look like people are raving over your video with the most uplifting comments you can possibly think of!
  • More comments on your video encourages more natural social interaction from viewers. When people view a video without any comments, they feel less inclined to contribute their own. On the contrary, when they see people are chatting about the video, naturally they feel more inclined to become a part of that discussion and will end up contributing their own input.

What makes your comments high quality?

A lot of other companies deliver comments in ways that look fake and spammy. For example, comments from many other companies will come from accounts that noticeably look fake, the comments will be very generic such as “Great video! Wow!” and the comments will all be delivered within a few minutes. This leaves you with a group of noticeably fake comments that were all delivered on the same day.

Our service is different! We start the process by reviewing your video in full. We then write quality, relevant comments that are targeted specifically to your video. We then choose quality accounts to deliver them from and begin the delivery process by sending just a few comments per day. We spread out the delivery over several days and the combination of all these things leaves you with quality comments that appear to be organic and can lead to further discussion from your other viewers.

How long does it take for my video to start gaining comments?

Since we manually review your video and write quality, relevant comments, it usually takes about 72 hours for your comments to begin appearing. We then spread the delivery of your order out over a few days so once the process starts, please watch over your video for a few days and you can trust that we will deliver all of the promised comments.

What is the minimum number of comments I can order for a video?

The minimum quantity we will deliver to a video is 5 comments. This means that if you purchase 10 comments, you can send us up to 2 videos and we will spread the comments across them. If you purchase 20 comments, we can spread them across a maximum of 4 videos.

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by Jeremy Hasanov on Buy YouTube Comments
Best Custom YouTube Comments Service!

I was skeptical to buy custom Youtube comments because I had no clue what to expect, but your team successfully delivered all of the comments I wrote and it has been a huge help for my video to start an active discussion. Thank you so much for the quality service and I will definitely be purchasing more soon!

Thank you for your review! When you buy custom YouTube comments from View2be, we deliver the ones you provide us with or if you prefer, we will review your video and write relevant comments for you.