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PLEASE NOTE: Our “Free YouTube Views” service is NOT the same as our “Premium Services.” Information on this FAQ page applies to the Free YouTube Views service and information on the Premium Services pages applies to our Premium Services only.


NEW! 1 credit = 2 views from other members! Please note, not all views from our members count on YouTube’s View Counter. Currently, about 15-55% of the views we deliver from the Free YouTube Views service counts toward the YouTube View Count. For more details, click here.


  1. How do I use your Free System to get YouTube Views? The concept is simple! Earn a credit, apply that credit to your video and then another member will view your video. Earn a lot of credits, apply them to your videos, and receive consistent, daily growth on your View Count! There are a few ways you can earn credits. The easiest is to click the “Watch Videos” button, let the loader run and cycle through various YouTube videos. For each video you watch, you earn 1 credit! Another way to earn credits is to Complete Offers. Completing Offers can provide HUGE quantities of credits in just a few short minutes. The last way to earn quick, immediate credits is to click the “Social Connect” button. You will find 3 options – Like us on Facebook, Google + us or Tweet us on your wall. All of these will earn you the specified number of credits immediately!
  2. Can I have more than one account? No. You may only have one account per household (IP address). YouTube recognizes IP addresses so if we allow multiple people to run an account from the same household, the likelihood of their views counting on YouTube’s View Counter are more slim because YouTube views it as the same person watching a video several times. The more fake accounts, the less views everybody gets for their videos. It is important we keep this site’s service very good.
  3. I cannot login to the Free YouTube Views system. This could be for many reasons. In recent months we have banned or removed accounts for misuse of the site. Users signing up with multiple accounts or under fake emails just to gain referral credits. Whilst our detection systems are getting better for this sort of thing, people that do breach the rules will be banned for life. If you legitimately cannot login and feel you were likely not banned, contact us!
  4. I have lost my password? Please use the “Forgot Password” form to reset your password for the Free YouTube Views system.
  5. Are my videos safe from being banned by YouTube? Completely 100% safe! As long as you are following YouTube’s T&C’s with your videos they will be absolutely fine. We do not breach YouTube’s T&C’s from this end of things and your videos ARE being watched by 100% real people, NO BOTS!
  6. I want to Buy Credits. Is this possible? Yes, it is! If you don’t feel like taking the time to earn the credits for free, you can purchase them for very affordable prices.
  7. What payment options do you offer? We currently offer PayPal. If you require an alternative payment source, please Contact Us and provide details. We are always open to suggestions.
  8. Can I promote more than 1 video at the same time? Yes, you may promote as many videos as you like.
  9. What is the best way to stay up to date with things and be notified of important updates?  Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook page. That way, important updates are seen and you do not miss out on any free give aways or competitions. Also, we do send periodic Emails for important notifications.
  10. I get an error message say pop up blocker is enabled and credit wasn’t added. What do I do? This is a common error with Internet Explorer. Also, not letting the page load properly in your admin panel. Once you login to your admin panel and click “Watch Videos”, you need to wait for the script to fully load into YouTube’s Homepage and then into its first video. Once the script has started playing the first video, you can freely navigate around the Internet and the script should continue cycling through videos on its own. This error happens rarely but this normally resolves it.
  11. For some reason the video display is not working and I am not able to get credits? There are some known issues with Internet Explorer, please try using Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera. All of these browsers work fine with our site.
  12. My Video count on YouTube is different to the one on Not all views that are given in our Free YouTube Views system count as a “View” on YouTube’s “View Counter.” This means that if you apply 100 credits to a video, you will receive 100 views to that video from other members, but not all 100 views will count on YouTube’s View Counter. YouTube revised their system dramatically in 2011 and this has changed the way they count views. This is a 100% FREE system to use so it is still an effective way to receive consistent, daily views. However, if you are looking for a more powerful system that delivers Fast and Guaranteed Views (speeds of 500-100,000 views per day), you will have to buy YouTube views  from our Premium Services. This system functions differently than our Free System and is Highly Effective, FAST and Guaranteed! If you order 10,000 views, you will receive MORE than 10,000 views in just a few days. We always over deliver!
  13. What Browsers do you recommend using for the Free YouTube Views system? Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Most browsers work perfectly fine with our system, but if you are experiencing technical difficulties, we recommend trying one of the above 3 browsers.
  14. I get an error every time I try to add my video! What’s the problem? There could be a variety of reasons it is not working, but we will provide you with the most common problems with this scenario.
    1. When copying and pasting your video’s URL into the Add Video section, please ensure there are no spaces before or after your video’s URL. If there’s a single space before or after the domain after pasting it, please delete the space before submitting the video into the network.
    2. When adding your video, please ensure you do not try and add more credits than you have. If your account says you have 100 credits, do not try and add more than 100 credits to the video. If you do add 100 credits, after you add the video and click on “Manage Videos,” you will see it will have 200 views requested. We provide 2 views for every 1 credit.
    3. Please ensure you are NOT using the “…” URL when adding the video. You must use either the “…” URL or simply the video ID.
    4. Please ensure your video does NOT contain the “s” in https in the URL. For example, a good URL is and a bad URL is Simply remove the “s” in https and that will work.
    5. If the top solutions do not work for you, we recommend trying to login to our system and using it with another web browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer and it is not working for you, try using our system with another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. This tends to solve errors like this 95% of the time.
  15. How do I cancel/delete my account? Simply click on the support tab on the side of every page and write us to request to have your account cancelled. Please ensure your login username is included in the message.
  16. I referred people, but I am not receiving credits for them. What’s the problem? We were having many members in the past abuse the system by referring fake accounts and in the process earning a quick 500 credits. We had to change this for a number of reasons and it has enhanced the system to allow faster views. Now, to earn the 500 referral credits, a member must refer another user who actually uses their account. There’s a specific criteria the referred user has to meet before they qualify as a referral. Once they meet the criteria, they are viewed as a valued member of and you are rewarded with the 500 credits! It’s not difficult criteria to meet and will easily be met if they use their account to a certain extent. Your referred members may meet the criteria in less than 1 hour, or it may take 1 month+.


Please note: When signing up for an account, you need to use a valid email to be able to confirm your account.