Getting Down and Dirty with the YouTube Video Editor

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To become a popular YouTuber, you will need to have awesome, inspiring, and cool videos. However, to create such videos, you will need an equally great video editor. The only problem is that most video editors today are quite pricey, the cheapest ranging from a couple hundred dollar a thousand bucks. Fortunately, YouTube has made available a free and feature-packed editor.

6 Things You Can Do with the YouTube Video Editor

We all know that a video editor is a tool for enhancing the overall look and feel of our videos. However, what exactly can you do with YouTube’s native editor?

Trim and Merge Videos

Oftentimes, you will find that a specific video is too long or that you need several videos to better illustrate your message. At such instances, it will be most beneficial to use the trim and merge features. You can simply cut the parts of the video which you find most useful and interesting and then merge them in your timeline to create a smooth-flowing and entertaining video.

Rotate and Stabilize

There are two main problems YouTube users encounter when recording videos with a smartphone: the video has wrong or orientation and is shaky. Both problems make the video unappealing and even annoying. Fortunately, both these problems can easily be fixed with the YouTube editor. By clicking on your video clip, you can easily rotate and stabilize your video. Just a reminder, though: the stabilization tool can only do so much. If your video is too shaky, the end product will still show some shakiness.

Adjust Lighting and Color

Lighting and color are two elements that build the mood and atmosphere of a video. If your raw clip doesn’t portray the ambience you want it to have, then you might want to enhance your video by using the light and color adjustment tools.

Add Effects

There are two types of effects in the YouTube video editor you can utilize, namely, the video effects and the transition effects. For the overall video effects, some of your choices are:

  • Pixelate
  • Black and white
  • Sepia
  • Cartoon

For the transition, some effects you have at your disposal are the following:

  • Crossfade
  • Wipe
  • Diagonal blinds
  • Crossblur

Add a Soundtrack, Title, and Credits

Sometimes, a smartly-picked soundtrack makes a world of difference. Perhaps that’s one reason why moviemakers spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for producing original soundtracks. If you don’t have your own music, you can choose one from YouTube’s packed music library. Just keep in mind, though, that when you do use one from the library, your video will automatically be ineligible for monetization. Aside from the soundtrack, you can also easily add a nice title and credits to your video, giving it an almost cinematic feel.

Download Your Video

Just to be clear, you can’t directly download the video with the editor. However, once your video is processed, you will have the option to download your finished piece. Take advantage of this feature for future reference and use.

With all those nifty features, the YouTube video editor proves to be quite the handy tool, especially for those who want to edit their videos on the go. Give it a try, and give your videos a nice boost in appearance and, consequently, views.

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