How to Become a Successful Vlogger in the Shortest Possible Time

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With videos and video-sharing sites continuously growing in popularity, there is little doubt why people have started ditching normal blogs in favor of vlogs. Vlogs have proven time and again that personal and face-to-face interaction—almost, in this case—garners better response from audience. How can businesses and entrepreneurs not want to use them as leverage with such an awesome benefit? The only problem is that as the popularity of using vlogs increase, so does the number of competitors you will have. So, the question is: how can you beat your rivals and become a successful vlogger with ease?


Not all who tries vlogging actually succeeds. Just like when entering a contest, you have to be awesome to wow the judges and get first prize. When it comes to vlogging, here are the vlogging tips the professionals and masterminds follow:

Invest in Great Equipment

Before you do anything, you must first get some good equipment. This includes not only the camera you will use but also your much-needed accessories such as tripod, lights, reflector, refractor, white screen, and any other thing you believe you might need. Also make sure to get a good video editing program to polish and add some nice effects to your videos once you have finished recording.

Choose a Topic and Stick with It

You don’t want to confuse your watchers. For that reason, you have to make sure to use and discuss only one topic per video. Research your topic well and create an outline for the information you will share in your vlog. The outline will help not only with directing your vlog’s flow but also for ensuring that you’re sharing as much information as you can.

Be Prepared

Who goes to war unprepared? Only those who wish to lose, that’s who. If you want to start out great and eventually gain success through vlogging, then you have to be prepared. Before you start recording, you have to make sure that everything’s ready:

  • You must have your prompts within reach (so you don’t lose your way or focus).
  • Lighting must be set up.
  • The camera(s) must be ready and positioned smartly (if you’re recording on your own).
  • Any item that you will show on the video must also be organized and set within reach.

Keep It Short and Simple

Online users tend to have a short string of patience. If you want your watchers to stick with you throughout the video and keep coming back for more, then you have to keep your videos short and simple. Always be straightforward, use simple terms (try, even when you’re discussing complex ideas), and keep your videos below ten minutes in length (2-5 minutes is ideal).

Be Creative, Fun, and Spontaneous

Just because your video is quite short doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. The opposite is actually true. Within the short allotted time, you have to engage your watchers. There are a lot of things you can do to achieve this. You can use humor, share some personal experience (related to the topic, of course), raise questions, and even do polls.

Go for Variety

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s certainly the spice of the vlogging world, too. By variety, what we mean is that you should offer different types of videos. For example, you can create a presentation-like vlog one day, a tutorial the next, and a simple photo collection the next. Never stick with a single type of video, and always try new things, be it in your backgrounds, decorations, or the effects you choose to use.

Connect with Watchers

Who are you producing your videos for? If you want people to appreciate your work, follow you, and give you their trust and loyalty, then you should first do that for them. Reply to comments, give meaningful responses, and put to action all the vital information and insights you get. Doing all these will endear you to your watchers and, in turn, help you climb the vlogging ladder.

Vlogging, especially on YouTube, is certainly a great way path to take toward success, regardless what your vision or interpretation of success is. Jump start your vlogging career by keeping in mind the tips we shared with you today.


Here is a nice video if you want some more tips on how to become a successful vlogger:

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