Video vs. Web Video: What You Need to Know

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There are a handful of things you need to consider when creating videos for YouTube. Aside from trying to produce content that you think your target customers are looking for, you also have to be sure that your video is appropriate for online viewing.

Believe it or not, the most common mistake YouTube video producers make is that they create videos without their audience in mind. Traditional viewers are vastly different from online viewers, so you have to be particular when creating videos. Not sure how they differ? Well, today, you will find out exactly how online audience are different and what you have to do to make your video a perfect web video.

4 Unique Characteristic of Web Videos

If you want to turn your video into a great web video, especially one that has high potential of being a top YouTube video, then you have to keep the following things in mind:

Straightforward Approach

Web videos ought to be straightforward. You have to present your case early on if you want to catch your audience’s attention. Creating daring titles, concise messages, and thought-provoking questions and conclusions are the norm to keep your audience curious and looking forward for more.

When creating videos for online distribution, you have to highlight your key messages and give short yet clear examples. If you want to offer more information, then do so in your video’s description. If viewers raised questions whose answers aren’t directly provided on your video, then it will be best to either direct them to a more appropriate video (preferably yours) or give them a thorough explanation.

Simple Presentation

Regular videos tend to follow a storyline, with characters, problems, and solutions presented individually and with ample amount of time used in between. A wide array of effects for lighting, sound, and graphics are also used to enhance the look and feel of the film. Quite the contrary, web videos follow the “Simplicity is beauty” rule. That means if you’re going to use effects for transitions, texts, and the like, you have to go for the subtle and minimal. You want your online audience to focus on your message, so you don’t want to distract or annoy them with your lighting, sound, and visual effects.

While in regular videos, voice over is often preferred, in web videos, showing yourself as you speak will be better. This is to let the viewers see who you are—a way to communicate and get closer to your target customers and gain their trust.

Short Duration

Web videos are generally short, with the ideal length usually lying anywhere between two and ten minutes. While seemingly short, this has already become the standard as online viewers tend to have shorter strands of patience. This is also the reason why you have to be straightforward when delivering your content. If you wish to use introductory and closing clips, be sure to make them short and get to the heart of your message as quick as possible.

Also keep in mind that the first few seconds of your video is highly crucial, so make sure they are used for enticing viewers and encouraging them to watch your video throughout.

Metadata Inclusion

SEO is an integral part of web videos, although a lot of video creators, especially YouTubers, often ignore or forget them. To guarantee that your content will easily be accessible through searches, you have to optimize your metadata. This includes the incorporation of your target keywords on your video title, tags, and description. As much as possible write at least a paragraph for your description, giving ample data about the scope of the video and including as many keywords as naturally possible.

Web and YouTube videos have grown and are continuously growing still as the new form of entertainment, education, and advertisement today. If you want to catch up with those at the top, then you have to be highly informed and know exactly what your web and YouTube videos must entail. Use what you have learned here and observe them as you create your upcoming videos.

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