YouTube InVideo Programming: Out with the Old, In with the New

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YouTube Invideo Programming

YouTube marketing is continuously growing as a favorite strategy among marketers today. This can’t be avoided as YouTube is steadily attracting massive amounts of traffic and followers, thanks to the variety of entertaining and educational materials that can be found in it. While YouTube marketing proves to be a useful tool for boosting one’s bottom line, not everyone is able to succeed in using it. One reason for this is the lack of branding.


Before, there were only two ways through which you could brand your video. They are the following:

  • Title—you can put your channel or company name in the beginning or end of your video’s title.
  • Video—you can include a short clip featuring your channel or company name as part of the video’s introduction, ending, or both.

While the above methods are good ways to associate specific videos to you or your company, they can be repetitive and even boring. This may as well be the reason for the development and introduction of the YouTube InVideo Programming feature.


The InVideo Programming is a recently launched feature by YouTube. It presents two functions that are aimed toward establishing awareness, boosting popularity, and directing viewers from a user’s more popular videos to less viewed ones.

With YouTube InVideo Programming, you can:

Feature your channel

Majority of the TV networks today stick a logo to their shows. This allows watchers to easily recognize the channel, even if it is their first time watching the show they came upon. Quite similarly, you can put a logo on all your videos using the “Feature your channel” option. This logo can be your channel avatar, your company logo, or any custom image you wish to use. You can put the logo in any corner of your video and make it visible for a specific amount of time or through the duration of the video.

Feature a video

Regardless of your popularity, you will always find that some of your videos are continuously growing in views while others are stuck at a certain number. With “Feature of a video,” you can direct viewers from your prominent videos to the less popular ones. This will help in boosting your videos’ views and subsequently give your viewers new materials to learn from or be entertained with.

If you want to start featuring your channel or videos, here is what you need to do:

  1. Sign in on your YouTube account and click on “Settings.”
  2. Under “Channel Settings,” click on “InVideo Programming.”
  3. Click on either “Feature your channel” or “Feature a video.”
  4. Choose the logo or video you want to feature, the position (e.g., top left, bottom right, etc.), and display time.
  5. Click “Save.”
  6. Your logo or video is now featured!

YouTube very quietly released InVideo Programming as if they are afraid the feature will not be useful or popular. However, with the great branding and view-boosting assistance it offers, YouTube InVideo Programming will definitely become a favorite among businesses and entrepreneurs today. If you are still quite confused of how to use InVideo Programming, have a look at the video below.

Do not hesitate and give this YouTube feature a try; you might be surprised at the difference it can make for your channel and videos!

How to Use YouTube InVideo Programming

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