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YouTube Video Scheduling

Often, we view schedules as troublesome or a hassle as we think and feel that we have so many things to do despite having so little time. However, when it comes to posting videos on YouTube, schedules become a great feature to have.

Why You Should Use YouTube Video Scheduler

The YouTube video scheduler is a great feature that can benefit you in a lot of ways. Some of the advantages it provides are the following:

Save time—there are days when we have so much time in our hands while there are others when we just end up wondering how fast time flies. Instead of cramming your video uploads during busy days, why not save time and relax as you upload them one after another during a free day?
Publish videos regularly, on time every time, and on peak viewing times—publishing videos regularly is one of the best ways to get noticed by both the Google spiders and YouTube watchers. Make sure your videos are always published on time by scheduling them. If you want to further gain advantage, schedule your videos at times of the day when YouTube’s viewer count is at its highest.
Publish videos while on vacation—vacation and trips are made for bonding with loved ones, exploring places, and simply lazing out. If you don’t want your trips to be cut short or interfered, then you should certainly use the YouTube video scheduler feature.

How to use YouTube Video Scheduler

Before we talk about the steps for scheduling videos on YouTube, it’s vital to know that this feature is currently only available to partners. If you’re not a YouTube partner yet, then you should learn more about it through our “Become a YouTube Partner” post.

Now that that’s settled, let us move on to the steps to take when you want to schedule YouTube videos:

1. Sign in on Your YouTube account.
2. Click on “Privacy Settings,” and choose “Scheduled.”
3. Click on “Upload,” and choose the video you wish to upload.
4. Under the “Privacy settings,” you will find the tag “Keep private, then go public later.” There, you can select the date, time, and time zone when you want your videos to become accessible to your watchers and the world.
5. Choose a category, YouTube license, and enter a title, description, and tags for your video.
6. Click “Save.”
7. Your video is now scheduled!

Normal schedules can be a headache, but the YouTube video scheduler feature can certainly help you rid of headaches. Give this cool feature a try today.

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